Please Note 
Class availability is subject to change without notice. For all schedules and pricing, please click on the proper links above and choose the desired semester

Important Information
$75.00 of tuition is non-refundable. NO TUITION REFUNDS will be given after the third class.

Make-Up Classes
All make-ups must be SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE with the front desk. Due to our enrollment numbers, there are a limited number of classes able to accommodate make-ups. We advise you to schedule the make-up as soon as an absence occurs to ensure class availability. Waiting until the last few weeks of the semester will not guarantee the ability to schedule a make-up. Make-ups are not permitted during the last week of classes due to the awards ceremonies and cannot be carried over to the new semester.  Please note that if NYC Elite is closed for a holiday, you will receive an extra make-up for this class.

Make-Up, Drop In and Trial Class Policy
All make-ups, drop ins and trial classes are required to have a PASS to enter the gym. Please check in at the Front Desk to receive your PASS. Again, your child will be not be permitted to enter the gym without a PASS. NYC Elite thanks you for your continued cooperation in helping us make each and every semester a success!!

Older siblings are not permitted to come into class. Only in the case of an emergency will a younger sibling be permitted to enter class and only if strapped in a carrier/carseat to be placed close to the caregiver. Siblings registered in a class requiring adult participation MUST have a caregiver for EACH child. This is to ensure the safety of all children in the class.

Dress code
Gymnastic classes: All female gymnasts should wear a leotard. Leggings or shorts may be worn on top of the leotard. Please no shoes, tights or socks as they make the equipment slippery. All male gymnasts should wear comfortably fitting clothing that is does not have any zippers or buttons. If your child is wearing athletic pants, the pants should not be long enough to drag on the ground. Please no socks as they make the equipment slippery.

Acceptable Forms of Payment 
NYC Elite accepts cash or credit cards as acceptable forms of payment.  We do not accept checks for any type of registration.